Hercules Tires 

Hercules Roadtour 855 SPE

  • Full-depth siping ensures consistent, lasting traction for the life of the tire
  • 3D siping facilitates greater contact with the road and increases the amount of biting edges for improved grip on wet roads and in light snow
  • Asymmetric tread pattern incorporates larger blocks on the outside of the tire for stability and dry traction, and smaller inside elements with dense siping for added grip in adverse conditions
  • Solid shoulder with offset grooves promotes greater stability when cornering and reduces road surface noise for a quiet, comfortable ride
  • Advanced silica tread compound provides even wear, low-rolling resistance and enhanced wet traction
  • Semi-solid center rib promotes crisp handling and driver comfort while maintaining traction and water evacuation

Raptis R-T5

  • High-grade silica tread compound and Hercules EvacuTrack™ grooves for better wet traction
  • 3D UltraWave™ siping and an asymmetric tread design for greater control and tighter handling
  • CoolCourse™ temperature control system to optimize performance and enhance tire life
  • 500 AA A UTQG – the highest traction grading possible

Terra Trac Cross-V

  • High-grade compound materials and a sophisticated tread design work in tandem to deliver outstanding wear resistance and durability.
  • Micro-wave siping, open shoulder design and a unique water guard in the tire's footprint help maintain contact with the road surface for all-weather, all-road traction.
  • Advanced silica compound provides exceptional grip in wet conditions, promotes wear resistance and produces lower rolling resistance.
  • Exceptional stability and excellent feedback are achieved through innovative tread design and premium construction, resulting in excellent, highly-responsive handling.
  • A debossed sidewall and modern symmetric design lends a high-end, luxury appearance while quality design and construction creates quiet comfort.

Terra Trac AT II

This premium, all-terrain tire raises the bar on performance and versatility. It is the next generation of all-weather, on-and-offroad strength, durability, versatility, quiet and design. Terra Trac AT II has the total package – rugged looks with good manners and absolute performance.

  • Security – 12% more lateral grooves and 29% more sipes around the circumference of the tire boost traction in adverse weather conditions (compared to Terra Trac A/T)
  • Longevity – Deep areas in the siping ensure traction performance for the life of the tire and provide a premium worn appearance
  • Control – Tough tread design with silica-infused AT-C tread compound delivers superior wet and off-road traction
  • Quiet – Pitch sequence approximates a more comfortable “grey noise” by spreading the sound energy over a broad range of frequencies
  • Stability – Latest generation mold profile shape creates a highly stable contact patch for controlled and balanced on-and-off-road performance, all-weather traction and even tread wear

Ironman All Country M/T